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Microfiber Mop Cloths


This mopping kit includes 5 washable reusable split-microfiber mop towels. The high quality microfiber is split during manufacturing to create an empty space in each fiber. The split fibers are also positively charged while dust and particles are negatively charged. Together the split fiber and positive charge create a magnet like trap for dust and particles. The microfiber holds on to the dust and particles until it is laundered or rinsed by warm water.


Can be used for all bObsweep and bObsweep PetHair models.


  • size: 9 x 20 cm
  • each pack includes 5 mopping towels
  • gross weight: 0.2kg
  • machine or hand wash with soap and warm water
  • can be used for dry or wet mopping
  • add cleaning product of your choice for wet cleaning 

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