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On this page we will run down everything you need to know about your new robot vacuum from using all of its features to learning some essential tips and tricks to keep the bObsweep healthy and happy. Whether you are a newbie or have had a bObsweep for a while this page is full of helpful information for you. Here we share tips and tricks, videos and manuals that will help you make the most of your robotic vacuum and mop.


First off, let's take a look at bObsweep, bObsweep PetHair and remote buttons:cover buttons robot vacuum buttons                  remote control robot vacuum bobsweep

Cleaning Algorithm

Do not expect a robot vacuum to see the way humans see and move the way we would! bObsweep has his own algorithms. Here is a video that demonstrates the cleaning algorithm bObsweep robot vacuum cleaner follows to map the room and clean the house:

You have three options to set bObsweep to clean the house:
Auto-cleaning mode: In this mode bObsweep cleans until his battery falls below 15% and then starts looking for its charge-up station. Simply press AUTO on the remote or press PLAY/START button on the robot vacuum.

30-minute timed cleaning mode: In this mode bObsweep works for 30 minutes; this is enough time for cleaning a large area like a living room or a studio. To put Bob in this mode, press the PROGRAM button (it's the second button from left on bObsweep). 

15-minute timed cleaning mode: If you like bObsweep to clean a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, you can put him to clean in this mode. Press PROGRAM button until the number 3 shows on the screen; press START button. 

Here is a video demo that explains the whole thing. The video features bObsweep; with the comparison figures above, it should not be hard to figure out how to do the same thing on a bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum cleaner.  

Spot Cleaning

Your robot vacuum cleaner can work in two spot cleaning modes: 
  • Spiral 
  • ZigZag
To put bObsweep into each spot cleaning mode, press MODE button on the screen. Mode 1 is the spiral mode and Mode 2 is the zigzag mode, simple as that! Still not sure what to do? Help yourself to a video demo of Bob's spot cleaning modes: