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Are you just getting started with your new bObsweep robot vacuum cleaner? Here’s the perfect place to start. Below are video demonstrations as well as a few tips you should know before using Bob; it takes less than two minutes to watch and by the end you have learn how to put bObsweep into work: 

Quick Start Guide- bObsweep Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Quick Start Guide- bObsweep PetHair Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Helpful Tips to get started with your bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner and mop:

  • Tidy the floors from objects that bObsweep may get stuck on. Make sure you clear the way for bObsweep by putting away clothes, cables and other objects that may get caught or tangled in Bobsweep’s brushes.
  • For the first three uses, bObsweep should charge for at least 12 hours. Charge bObsweep manually before the first use; he needs to charge for 12 hours for the first 3 times. For the first use, bObsweep will have a shorter running time than subsequent runs. The working time will increase over the first few charges as the battery’s capacity builds up.
  • Once bObsweep is fully charged, switch the ON/OFF button on his side to ON. 
  • To start cleaning, push AUTO/START on the remote or move bObsweep away from the Charge-up Station and press the PLAY/START button on his cover.
  • Allow bObsweep to wander the floors on his own. In a full session, bObsweep cleans each area more than once and typically covers what he misses in his first pass. 
  • When bObsweep’s battery reaches 15% he will stop cleaning and enter docking mode. Give bObsweep time to return home. You can also direct him using the remote, or plug him in manually. Do not expect bObsweep to see what humans see and move the way we would! bObsweep works based on his own algorithms and does not have as much information about his surrounding as humans do. When it is time to charge-up for example, he looks around for his charge-up station but will only detect it when he faces it. That’s why bObsweep saves the last 15% of his battery to find his home. To increase bOb’s success rate in finding his home, place the station in a spot with an open space in front. Keep the Charge-up Station away from your TV or other devices that use infrared signals.
  • Empty the dustbin and remove and clean the main brush from end to end after each use.
  • The speed button on the remote changes between bObsweep’s 3 speeds (you will notice the speed change although there is no indicator on the display); you can choose a slow and thorough, or a quick and casual cleaning.
  • You should be at a distance of at least one meter when using bOb’s remote. Remember that even if you manually run bObsweep towards obstacles or edges, he stops close to them unless you are driving him backwards. Feel free to experiment with the remote’s options and observe bOb’s reaction to them.
  • The dustbin fits tightly in order to create a better seal for vacuuming. To open it, push the silver button on bObsweep’s dustbin with your thumb while placing your fingers underneath to slide it out.
  • Remember to put the side brush in place before using bOb for the first time. 
  •  You will find bOb’s 6 small protective bumper-stickers in the box under the mop holder. Although they are not required, you may choose to attach them horizontally on bOb’s front bumper above the red sensor (be careful not to cover the sensor).